New Hope Homes operates under CALM (Christian African Leadership Ministry) and is a 501©3 organization. All donation are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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New Hope Homes
3160 Directors Row
Memphis, TN 38131


Our Mission


About US

Chantal Mbanda created New Hope Homes in early 2006. We  now have 28 wonderful kids who bless us in more ways than we can measure. Each is special in their own way and bring something very unique to our home.  Our kids range in age from about 5 to about 15.

Update. While the kids are no longer living at New Hope Homes we continue to raise funds to support their education.


Our Kids

New Hope Home in Rwanda is dedicated to freeing orphans and abandoned kids from despair and giving them true "hope" for their future. We prove a loving, caring, stable and nurturing environment. Their spiritual, medical and educational needs are all met.

Importantly we are not an orphanage.  Our kids are not up for adoption. We are a family.